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Some way home is a fictional podcast that tells the story of a Chinese American living a very by-the-books life for the last 25 years, deciding to leave everything he knows behind to become a filmmaker. When things don’t go well and he ends up living with his parents, they are all forced to learn how to honestly face who they are, and who they’re not.


One day I woke up and realized that I looked forward to being the person I was when I wasn’t home, more than the person I was when I was with my parents. I found it really easy to use distance to cope with who I wanted to be and who I didn’t.

After spending more time at home over the past year and a half, I’m only just beginning to realize what I lost. I’m only willing to share with my parents what I think they’ll be proud of. I’m not willing to share what I think they’ll be ashamed of. So when I think they’ll be ashamed of something that I’m proud of, I’ll say to myself, “I’ll wait until it looks more like something that they’ll understand.”

When I can’t be proud of what I’m proud of with everyone, I don't truly believe in it. I hold myself back. I rationalize and only commit halfway. I don’t give myself the full dedication, time, and kindness I need!

How can I face what’s usually easier to run from? How can I turn my family, my heritage, those stories and expectations into my strength? That’s this story.


Some way home is still in pre-production - I'm still ironing out the final script. I'm looking to put together a pilot sometime this month (February 2022).

I don’t much experience writing scripts or telling stories, and certainly no awards or accolades. I mean hey! I haven’t convinced my parents yet that this is worth working on… so I'll need some help.

Do you have a story of overcoming your insecurities with your own family? The best way for me to tell a better story is to know more of them. Will you share your story with me?

Otherwise, if you love to write, make silly voices, create cool audio, or create visual art, let me know too. Can I learn from you or would you want to help?

Finally, if you fill out the form below, I'll send you a personal Asian vegetable doodle and send you updates!